Please read through carefully so that your dog is prepared for his/her stay. We created these policies so that you can rest easy that your dog is happy and well cared for during their stay at Alpine Acres. Please sign and return this waver along with the proof of vaccine (see number 1).

1 – Vaccine requirements

Proof needs to be e-mailed or mailed 2-weeks before your stay along with the wavier PDF and payment.

  • Titers or vaccinations requirements
    • Rabies
    • Parvo
    • Distemper
    • Bordetella
    • Lepto is recommended due to our walks in the woods but not required.

2 – Parasite prevention

Flea/tick/heartworm/parasite prevention is strongly suggested.

*Please speak with your vet regarding vaccinations and any other illness prevention. Your pet will playing/staying in a kennel/communal environment and some pets are more susceptible to contagious illness, especially puppies and elderly dogs.

3 – On line and/or phone bookings

Making an account will save lots of time, here is a link to start your account:
Select dates and sign up online. You can text at (440) 465-6199 or e-mail at alpinescanineacres@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

*Phone calls – leave a text message if possible, (440) 465-6199, and we will return your call within 3 business days.

4 – Deposit / payment

Deposit is due 7 days from registration to save the dates. Deposit is half of the total of your stay

5 – Cancellation policy

Full refund of your deposit if you cancel 4 weeks before your boarding date. Deposit will not be refunded if you need to cancel after that time. However, if you have a medical emergency for your pet or you, please call so we can discuss your needs.

6 – Bring what your dogs needs:

Collar with tags
• Favorite bone
• We have plenty of toys but you are welcome to send a favorite
• Food (if you are feeding raw it must be organized by meal, one meal per container/baggie)
• Treats

*Bedding will be supplied so please no extra beds.

7 – Drop off and pick up times

9am to 10:30am – or – 4pm to 5:30pm

8 – Day visits

Dogs coming for day visits should consult with their vet on what vaccines are necessary for your particular dog. Our trails have water and wildlife, as well as other dogs walking.